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What is Veredus known for?

Veredus is an Italian company founded in the 1990s. It produces mainly horse boots, which are well known all over the world. Moreover, the brand offers horse care products, which ensure that your horse is always well taken care of.

Olympus boots

Veredus Olympus horse boots

Horse boots are essential for maintaining your horse’s legs in a proper condition. These items help to prevent injuries of any kind. Therefore, they must be made of high-quality materials that guarantee safety. The Olympus line includes boots made of polyurethane, whose interior is filled with Eva foam, which in turn is covered with Lycra. The products protect the horse’s tendons against injuries, minimize overheating and prevent any abrasions of the horse’s legs. The standard version of the boots comes in brown and black, in sizes S, M and L. The latest additions to the Olympus series feature colourful trimmings.

Carbon Gel boots

Veredus Carbon Gel horse boots

Another line of Veredus boots is Carbon Gel. The products are reinforced with a shock-absorbing carbon insert, which distributes the impact force on the entire boot. The interior is lined with Aerox neoprene and a gel insert that protects the tendons. Additionally, it prevents any foreign bodies from getting inside the boot. The new Carbon Gel Vento series has been upgraded with additional ventilation. Microperforated padding offers two-way air distribution. This model is available in black and brown, in sizes S, M and L.

Save The Sheep boots

Veredus Save the Sheep line horse boots

Save The Sheep is a line of horse boots made of synthetic leather and wool. It is a part of the cruelty free trend, according to which people should act in harmony with nature, so as not to harm the animals. Those who choose these products do not contribute to the slaughter of farm animals. The items are stuffed with synthetic wool that ensures comfort and protection of the horse’s legs. Therefore, they are ideal for sensitive horses (e.g. those struggling with splints). The boots are low maintenance – the synthetic leather will not turn yellow, stiffen or dry out. As with the other models, the Save The Sheep series is available in brown and black.

Horse care products

Veredus Biocare line

Last but not least, the Veredus brand is famous for its grooming products, which include clays, liniments, shampoos and hoof greases. With the shampoos, your horse’s coat and mane will shine, whilst the liniments, clays and greases will take care of your horse’s overall condition.

Anja Benjamin

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