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Why should you choose Samshield helmet among riding helmets?


Samshield was founded by Sam Malogine, who is a former motocross racer and sales manager for Oakley. In 2003 Sam was introduced to horseback riding by a friend. He bought one of the top riding helmets on the market at the time but soon discovered that it was very uncomfortable. Many professional riders also complained about the discomfort. Then in his head was born the idea to create an innovative, beautiful and luxurious helmet, which will raise existing standards of safety and comfort.

What makes Samshield helmets different?

Samshield helmets are created from the highest quality materials. The shell of the helmet is made of extremely durable material which is high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate can withstand very high mechanical loads while maintaining a low weight. Its strength is comparable to that of aluminum. For the finishing of the helmets are used, depending on the model, materials such as Alcantara®, classic and exotic leathers such as crocodile skin, lizard, python or stingray or special material covered with Swarovski crystals. Samshield helmets are handmade which ensures the highest quality. Used materials and precision make Samshield helmets are extremely exclusive product for the most demanding riders.

Samshield helmets configurator

The possibility of personalizing your helmet

A huge advantage of Samshield helmets is the wide possibility of personalization. The customer can choose the type of shell, finish, decoration, as well as add his name on the chin strap or put the sponsor’s logo on the helmet shell. This allows you to create a unique helmet tailored to the specific needs of each rider.

Samshield helmet configurator at equishop.com
You can create your own custom Samshield helmet

You can design your own riding helmet with Samshield’s helmet configurator available at www.equishop.com.

Unprecedented comfort

Thanks to the special construction of Samshield helmets, they offer the rider unprecedented comfort. This is due to the use of extremely light materials and the special shape of the inner part of the helmet shell so that the rider’s forehead is in no way pressed. The helmet’s insert was made of a special kind of sponge thanks to which it perfectly adjusts to the shape of the rider’s head ensuring its high stability.

Easy in keeping hygiene.

Maintaining proper hygiene of the helmet is easy thanks to the use of replaceable inserts, which can be easily cleaned. In addition, a very efficient ventilation system provides optimal air flow in the shell of the helmet which has a positive effect on maintaining proper hygiene.

Samshield Helmets is the answer of young and creative designers and engineers to the needs of professional riders.

Anja Benjamin

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